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After immigrating to Canada, everyone starts looking for a lawyer there, and they wonder about the cost of a lawyer in Canada. This is due to their lack of knowledge of Canadian law regarding submitting Canadian visa applications, which prompts them to resort to a lawyer after official immigration to Canada in order to help them take note of all the required procedures. Therefore, in this article, we will show you everything related to immigration to Canada, the cost of a lawyer in Canada, or immigration to Canada through a lawyer.

Immigration lawyer to Canada:

Immigration lawyers to Canada have a clear role when compared to other types of lawyers, as most of the tasks they perform are helping those people who have difficulty dealing with immigration requirements. Mostly, his role is evident in providing counseling for immigrants to Canada with the Canadian immigration authorities, such as providing guidance on everything related to applying for a residence visa or permanent residence card and even naturalization and citizenship, as well as employment for non-citizens and deportation issues, after official immigration. to Canada.
In addition to their appearance before immigration judges in the event that the immigrant is facing a hearing related to immigration to Canada.

The importance of hiring a lawyer after official immigration to Canada:

Immigrants to Canada are not required to have a lawyer by the Canadian immigration authorities in order to represent them during their dealings with the latter or during their visa application.
However, it is better to seek help or appoint a lawyer after immigrating to Canada, and some cases require this.
Bearing in mind that the Canadian immigration authorities are very strict in their evaluation of immigration applications submitted to them, and every mistake, no matter how simple, indicates that it will leave dependents in the future. To Canada according to the type of each case, which is required by the Canadian immigration authorities.
In addition to his keenness to provide all personal information about you accurately to avoid making any mistake, he will also help you collect all the documents that will support your application file, and he will provide you with all the necessary instructions for that.
Regardless of the cost of a lawyer in Canada, this will help you achieve the dream of immigration to the latter at a high rate and in a short time.


Cost of a lawyer in Canada:

For those who want to immigrate to Canada and who do not know anything about the cost of a lawyer in Canada, we tell them not to worry. We will give you a set of tips, which are:

Usually, the work of a lawyer is based on a stable wage, and some of them prefer that their work be based on calculating the hours they work in the case.
The good thing if you are charged a flat fee is that the exact amount will be determined between you and the attorney in this case, since the process of obtaining your employment certificate or H-1B visa begins.

With the exception of some factors that would affect the value of the attorney’s amount, such as the length of the case. In addition to skill and experience, because the wage that a young lawyer will ask for is not what a seasoned and experienced lawyer will ask of you, in addition to the different costs and fees.

The fees are what you pay for legal services, and the costs are mostly charged by the Canadian immigration authorities and other official agencies….
It is best to interview more than one lawyer to get an idea of ​​the various costs and fees that you are expected to pay.


An example of the costs of an immigration attorney to Canada:

In the beginning, free consultation is provided for half an hour by the immigration lawyer inside the office, after which all fees are calculated according to each case or request:

For the Provincial Nominee Program or Federal Skilled Worker:

* 2500 Canadian dollars are paid in three installments, in addition to the Canadian Immigration Organization fees.

* Provincial Nominee Program processing fees, visa processing fees, permanent resident card fees or any other costs…

*CIC fees along with PNP processing fees if applicable, permanent residence card issuance fees and visa processing fees.

* $2,000 in three installments of Canadian Experience Class program fees.


Immigration within the family sponsorship program:

* Payment of CAD 1,800 in two installments for parental care, in addition to CIC fees, visa processing expenses, and issuance of a permanent residence card.

* 1,500 Canadian dollars in fees for sponsoring husband and wife, in addition to CIC fees, in addition to fees for issuing a permanent residence card, and visa processing fees.

* Wills and Power of Attorney Fees Basic Wills and Power of Attorney packages start at CAD 199 for a single person, and from CAD 349 for a couple.

* 300 Canadian dollars for the application fee for Canadian citizenship, in addition to the processing fee.

* $700 for work visa or student visa fees, along with processing fees.

* $300 for visitor visa fees plus processing fees.

* $20 per document, plus one signature, for documents fees.

$300 for Canadian citizenship application fees, in addition to processing fees.

* 500 dollars for the interest of the super visa fees, in addition to the processing fees.

How to choose an immigration lawyer after official immigration to Canada:

* It must be recommended by someone you know who has personal experience with that lawyer.

* You should also be wary of any attorney who does not answer all of your questions.

* Ensure that the lawyer you have chosen has a license to practice and provide advice, meaning that he is authorized to do such a matter or not, before paying. If a person is selected who does not have a license, then the Canadian authorities have the right to refuse your application or return it.

* You must ask about the training and experience of that person.

* Discuss all the services they can provide you and the wage they will take from you.

* Obtain a documented contract and verify it before you sign it.



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